My Brother's Keeper by Denise Kendrick & R. D. Solange

Dark Eden Press

M/M, Twincest, Slavery, Violence, Yaoi

Reviewed by Raine



Cairan and Malik are fraternal twins who lost their parents at an early age. The boys were raised in a monastery and shared a special love. Life is good until their village falls ill and they donít have the medicine needed to make the villagers well. Father Owen sends Cairan with provisions to another larger parish to get the medicine needed while Malik stays behind to help with the sick. Problems along the way keep Cairan from returning. Time passes and Cairan is told all have perished in his village including his brother. His adoptive family is extremely good to him as he grows up. But, when a photo shows up in the paper with a man he knows is his long lost brother, he makes secret preparations to go find him.

Malik knows Cairan is on his way to him after 15 years. The brothers have always has this special mind connection and after all this time it seems to have come to life once more. When Cairan gets to Malikís territory, Malik sends his men out to pick him up. Now that he has his traitorous brother in his possession, what will he do with him for leaving him to rot all those years ago and never coming back to be with him?

Cairan is a wonderful warm man, while Malik is hard and cold. The time they spend together once they meet again commands a whole passel of emotions. My heart broke when they were separated for what they thought was forever. My heart ached as Cairan was punished for something he had no control over as a teenager and when Malik endures the pressures of his current life. But when they finally begin to communicate, the relationship is heartwarming and hot. While the book ends happily, this story is not hearts and flowers. I enjoyed My Brotherís Keeper, but I can see where not all would. It is a poignant read with violence and brothers that care for each other in the way of lovers.


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