Murder and the Media Specialist by Brandy Jordan

The Wild Rose Press

Romantic Suspense

Reviewed by Katherine



Detective Roger Taylor had a dead body, that of Professor Tom Jacobs.  It seemed he could possibly have an open and shut case.  Tawny McQueen was the last person to see him alive, and every new clue developed a lead, which would point once again to her.

Tawny couldn’t believe that Tom was dead.  He was a very good friend of hers, but nothing more.  She wanted to find out who was behind his death, not only for justice for Tom, but since the good-looking Detective seemed intent on disbelieving her innocence.  So she decided that she would help him in his investigation.

Much to Detective Taylor’s chagrin.

Murder and the Media Specialist was an entertaining romantic mystery.  I adored Roger, and his obsession with Tawny’s plasma TV.  Tawny’s determination to prove her innocence and join Roger on his investigation was fun to read.  I am interested to see what future stories Ms Jordan has in store.


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