Mrs. Robin's Sons by Kori Roberts

Loose Id

Multicultural Older Woman/Younger Men Ménage Trois Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59632-633-0

Reviewed by Ley



Rylee had bad luck when it came to men and longterm relationships.  After having just recently broken up with her fiancé, getting into another serious relationship was the farthest thing from her mind, but there’s nothing wrong with having some fun.  What was supposed to be just one night with a much younger man quickly headed in a direction Rylee was not prepared for and soon she found herself falling in love with Nick Robin.  At twenty-two Nick was what thirty-six year old Rylee has been looking for her entire life.  Rylee didn’t think she could get any happier or have a more loving relationship, but still she couldn’t squelch the feelings she was starting to have for Noah, Nick’s brother.  Finding out Noah felt the same way and Nick was all for it, the three began a very unconventional relationship.  Once friends and family begin to voice their disapproval this May/December interracial threesome have to believe their love is strong enough to overcome any obstacle and their love will last forever.

Mrs. Robin’s Sons is a good read and Kori Roberts is a very talented writer, but there are parts of the story I just couldn’t buy into.  I love May/December romances, especially when the man is younger and I love interracial romances as well as threesomes, and to have all that in one story is fantastic, but I didn’t think the threesome in this story blended well.  I liked this story and I felt the chemistry between Rylee and the boys was very strong, but I liked them separate not all together.  I also felt the relationship moved way too quickly emotionally, especially for a long distance relationship.  Strong feelings can most definitely develop quickly, but with all the other elements of this relationship plus the lack of time spent together, I felt the levels of those feelings advanced to quickly. 

Aside from that Rylee and Nick are hot, Rylee and Noah are hot and Rylee is just fantastic on her own.  I really liked her and found her to be a big incentive to read Mrs. Robin’s Sons.


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