“Snowbound, Lovebound?” By Fae Sutherland and Marguerite Labbe

Bryan Tam and Jimmy Murphy are complete opposites. According to Tam, Jimmy is a hillbilly and according to Jimmy, Tam is a snob.  When they get trapped in the car during a snowstorm the fighting between them continues. It escalates into a wrestling match in the back seat. The close confines of the car and their bodies rubbing together then causes something else to happen.

I love “Snowbound, Lovebound?” Opposites do attract and Tam and Jimmy steam up the windows proving it. “Snowbound, Lovebound?” is a sizzling hot, fun and heartwarming story.


“Deacon Decides” by Eric Arvin

Joel is a hot flight attendant on Deacon’s flight to Australia. Joel keeps looking at Deacon and Deacon keeps fumbling. Then Deacon decides to go for it.

Just when I was getting into it, “Deacon Decides” ended. Deacon is charming and Joel had a lot of potential too but I didn’t get to see how hot the sparks would get between them.


“A Screw and a Stud” by Sonja Spencer

Mark Baker works at the hardware store that Tommy Griggs has just walked into. Once Tommy sees Mark, he changes his mind about why he came into the store.

Mark is surprisingly sweet and Tommy is a lot of fun. I love them together. The double entendres run rampant in “A Screw and a Stud”! It’s a very fun, sexy, and romantic story.


“Odds Are” by Chrissy Munder

Rick Page is a pulmonary specialist. He’s attractive, in shape, and a bit of a nerd. His long time lover left six months ago and Rick is wondering when he’ll meet someone new. While riding the elevator at a convention Rick meets Jonah.  Maybe he’s finally found what he’s been looking for.

Rick’s lack of confidence and his nervousness are very endearing. Jonah is sexy and seductive. “Odds Are” is a story with emotion and really great, meaningful sex.


“A Thorough Workout” by Alik Bekins

Ryan is tired of waiting for Marc to make the first move so he makes it instead. He’s hoping Mark will finally respond. When Marc does, Ryan knows he’s made all the right moves.

“A Thorough Workout” has two sweaty, gay guys working out together. They are hot and the sex is sizzling. Enough said?


“Know When to Spread’em" by Catt Ford

Jay wants to have sex on his lunch break so he trolls some sites to find the perfect guy. He finds what he’s looking for when he sees Steve’s picture.

If you’re looking for romance, look elsewhere. Steve cheats on his wife and the guys go their separate ways at the end. Steve and Jay are very, very hot together in “Know When to Spread’em.” It’s good erotica.


“The Proposition” by Rhianne Aile and Madeleine Urban

Marcus has been watching Gerard, waiting for his opportunity to talk to him. He wants Gerard to be his companion for the weekend. Marcus gets what he wants and more when Gerard agrees.

“The Proposition” is very sensual and erotic. Marcus and Gerard are incredibly hot together. “The Proposition” is an excellent story.


“Wanna Ride?” by Sonja Spencer

Cris watches Raul dance until he can’t stand to just watch anymore so he walks over and dances with him. Dancing leads to touching and touching to kissing and then they’re dancing to a different beat in a corner by themselves. Afterwards, Cris leaves, but he’s not alone for long.

“Wanna Ride?” is sexy. It has piercings, dirty dancing, sweat and sex. It has a great ending too.


“Power Struggle” by Anais Morten

Jason and Gero are on the same soccer team. Jason is upset that Gero has been named captain instead of him. Before long they’re wrestling over who is more deserving of the title. Wrestling gives Gero the opportunity he’s been looking for to show Jason how he really feels about him.

“Power Struggle” is very sexy. I love 'friends who become lovers' stories and this one has an added bonus because Jason is new to the game he and Gero play. “Power Struggle” is a moving and very hot story.


“Special Offer” by Clare London

Mitch Matheson is doing some late night shopping at the supermarket. He’s irritable about spending his Saturday night this way until his neighbor’s cart crashes into his. Will Anders was in a bad mood until he bumped into his sexy neighbor. Looks like Will and Mitch have found something better to do now.

“Special Offer” is fun and sexy. Mitch and Will are very hot guys and I like how they get together.


Mr. Right Now is a terrific anthology. It offers lots of variety and there is tons of romance and/or hot sex. I am impressed with these authors and I look forward to reading more of their work.


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