Mosaic Moon by Jamie Craig

The Master Chronicles:  Book 3

Amber Allure

Contemporary Dark Fantasy; Bondage; Vampire; Blood Play (M/M/F)

ISBN: 978-1-60272-128-9; 978-1-60272-969-8

Reviewed by Sabella



Gideon Keel and Jesse Madding have a strong relationship that works for them very well.  While Jesse is wildly in love with Gideon and happy in their relationship he still feels a strong attraction for their close friend Emma that makes him uncomfortable.  Gideon, on the other hand, would like nothing more than for Jesse acknowledge that his feelings for Emma are love and to tell her – because Gideon believes that Jesse’s feelings are returned.  All in all, Gideon just wants to give Jesse everything that Jesse desires – but this time it happens that it coincides with something that he wants as well – Emma.

Emma Coolidge has lived a life of isolation until she met Gideon and Jesse.  These two men not only managed to befriend her, but also got Emma the help she needs to control her gift of empathy so she can enjoy a relatively normal life.  What the men don’t know is that she has always been attracted to them, even as she felt a prick of jealousy over the love they share.

In the midst of it all Jesse is contacted by Black John, a dark mage, to help him track down someone who has been stealing from John.  The problem with this is that Gideon hates John and this case might end up being more dangerous than anyone expects…

When circumstances force Emma and Jesse to face the feelings they have for each other or lose the friendship that they treasure what will they do?  And how will they cope with the changes it will require from them?

The Master Chronicles 3: Mosaic Moon is a wonderful book that skillfully weaves in magic, vampires, love and intrigue while plunging us back into the hectic lives of Gideon and Jesse.  In this new adventure Gideon and Jesse continue to explore the boundaries of their relationship while continuing to play their games in the bedroom with the added spice of including Emma in their lives.  The dynamics of Gideon and Jesse are interesting and fun to read about as we get to know them better and realize that the bondage games that they play reflect some of their needs but do not necessarily encompass the entirety of what they feel and need from one another.  Emma, on the other hand, as an empath is a great window into the feelings of both men and serves to balance their relationship while adding the softer touch that Jesse craves.  When Gideon, Jesse and Emma come together they will set fire to your screen and have you sweating in no time.  However, the suspense part of the story is more like a sub-plot rather than part of the main action which is all about romance and the relationship between Gideon, Jesse and Emma.  Mosaic Moon is a great ménage romance that will satisfy every romantic heart – do go looking for Mosaic Moon the next time you go shopping!


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