Miss Fix It by L.C. Monroe and Nicolette Derens

Samhain Publishing

Historical Inspirational Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-611-6

Reviewed By Tori



Virginia Pembrook is great at fixing peopleís problems.  The only problem is that not everyone wants to follow that advice.  When Ginney gets a letter from her cousin in Oregon, she plans to ask her mother to take her not knowing her mother already wanted to go.  In Oregon, Ginney not only finds her cousin needing help, but the man she vowed as a child to marry needs help as well.  She knows that only God can help him, but can she trust God to do all the work?

Caleb Jasperís world was shattered the day his father fell off a horse and was no longer able to be in charge of his ranch.  Calab had just finished his schooling to become a preacher but now feels obligated to stay home to take care of the ranch.  He loves Ginney but knows deep in his heart that she was born to be a preacherís wife, and that means he must let her go.  If only he could learn to love ranching and bookkeeping.  Must he learn to live with the longings of his heart or will his dreams come true?

Miss Fix It by L.C. Monroe and Nicolette Derens is a wonderful story of Godís love. The characterís problems seemed so real to me. Miss Fix It wraps you in the fears and hopes that they travel through, from the young orphan to the widow, to the ones hurting physically and emotionally.  I like that even though the characters are all strong they all have weaknesses, and that they need help. This is a good example that even strong Christians can lose site of where God wants them.


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