Miskatonic Mistletoe by Angelia Sparrow

Torquere Press

Gay Paranormal / Shapeshifter

Reviewed by Cassie



Werewolf Corin and his half-Fae lover Cian, have come to Arkham, Massachusetts to avert a terrible disaster.  Something evil is about to be unleashed in this small town, and they are determined to stop it.  Needing help, they call their friends, fellow werewolves Dan and Paul.  Can these four men avert the end of the world?

Miskatonic Mistletoe is one of the weirdest books Iíve ever read, but I donít mean that in a bad way.  The story is a blend of paranormal, romance, and horror, and though it is strange, it works.  The atmosphere in Miskatonic Mistletoe is spooky and sinister.  Corin, Cian, Dan, and Paul are all interesting characters, and the love between the two couples provides a nice counterpoint to the suspense and seriousness of their quest to save the world.  The characters and plot were nicely developed.  Angelia Sparrowís tale is definitely not in the common run for a holiday story, but I enjoyed it.  Though this story isnít for everyone, if you like horror, are a Lovecraft fan, or want something different, Miskatonic Mistletoe definitely fits the bill!


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