Mile High to Heaven by Angela Guillaume

Aphrodite’s Apples

Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Tanya



As far as Olivia can tell the only thing that will be fun about her upcoming trip to her sister’s wedding is that the brother to the groom, “Mr. You-Are-So-Fucking-Gorgeous-I-Want-To-Oh-Eat-You-All-Up Cole Evans”, has called her and asked if she wants to head down to Atlanta on the same flight and spend a day getting to know each other.  Olivia decides she isn’t going to pass this chance up, even if she is the Amazon woman of the family and not likely to attract the likes of Cole. 

What she doesn’t know is that Cole thinks she just might be the one for him.  And that is what he thinks after only seeing her across the room at the engagement party.  Cole is convinced if she says yes to time alone with him then he will do what ever it takes to get her to agree to see if their attraction can lead to a relationship or more.

Mile High to Heaven is a quick and enjoyable read.  I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Guillaume’s writing and characters.  I especially enjoyed how they both were drawn to each other, almost to the distraction of all else.  Additionally to say that the scenes were super hot and erotic might be an understatement.  If you are looking for a quick hot love story then Mile High to Heaven is just the one for you.


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