Midnight Bride by Tanya Hanson

Cobblestone Press

Old West USA - Historical Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60088-217-3

Reviewed by Tanya



Carrie is doing everything she can to keep the ranch she loves and lives on together after her grandfather passes away.  She is a woman all in town seem to care for, but she is struggling to keep it all together.  Suddenly Jed comes to town with a will that says she will lose the ranch if she doesn’t marry him before midnight of that very day. 

It seems that Jed and Carrie’s grandfathers co-owned the property and all is legal with the document.  Carrie decides there is nothing else to do and, hoping that she will find a document that will alter this outcome, keep the marriage unconsummated, so she can seek an annulment.

Jed has always wanted a place of his own.  He is also determined that it be this ranch as he was brought up to believe that Carrie’s father killed his during a duel over Carrie’s grandmother having a relationship with Jed’s grandfather.  This is not what Carrie was told.  Who has the truth?  More importantly, will it even matter, as the two seem to be growing closer and closer?  But this growing love just might be destroyed by Jed’s grandmother’s unannounced and unexpected visit.

Midnight Bride was a heartfelt and sweet romance between two young people during the tail end of the great cattle drive era. I enjoyed how the two main characters interacted and worked as a team, though it seemed to take them quite a while to figure out they were actually on the same team. If you like the writings of Diana Palmer then you will definitely want to pick up Midnight Bride.


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