Men of Phuket: Tongue Thai'd by Sedonia Guillone


Gay, Action, Thriller, Yaoi

ISBN: 978-1-906328-36-8

Reviewed by Raine



Raped in his teens, Ryu, son of a yakuza leader, has been looking over his shoulder fearing further harm from his fatherís business associates for years. Taro Suzuki, Ryuís attacker, is obsessed with Ryu. Heís willing to do anything the get him back.

Kiku, who served under Ryuís father, has been watching out for Ryu since he rescued him from his attackers and left the organization. When Kiku finds this out Suzuki is looking to find and claim Ryu again, Kiku sends him into hiding under Agent Nat Pheonix and his team of cops.

Depressed to have been sent away from Kiku, Ryuís mentor, best friend, protector and former lover, he acts out. Nat thinks Ryu is hot, but a spoiled brat who wonít follow orders. However, after spending some time with Ryu, and finding out why Ryu acts the way he does, Natís drawn to him. But can he compete with the benchmark Kiku has set in Ryuís heart? And does he want to?

Kiku is your strong silent type, Ryu is absolutely adorable and when you get to know NatÖheís just drop dead hot! Every thriller needs a bad guy or two, and sometimes you just donít know how close they really are. Once past the stage setting at the beginning of the novel, I had a hard time putting this book down it was so good. Sedonia Guilloneís book has it all, Men of Phuket: Tongue Thai'd is a wild ride of thrill, suspense, new love and hot sex! 


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