Measure of a Man by Bonnie Dee

Liquid Silver Books

Romance, Fantasy

ISBN: 1-59578-333-4

Reviewed by Erys



Ian Black is a fence.  He procures goods and sells them.  He uses unpleasant means to collect money owed to him.  Heís not a pleasant man.  So when he helps a woman in distress, heís as surprised as she is that he saves her life not only once, but repeatedly.

Men are after Mirabai.  Men not to be tangled with.  Ian canít leave her at their mercy. Finding himself sucked deeper and deeper into an unbelievable world, Ian digs deep inside and finds a part of him Mirabai knew lay inside, even when he doubted himself.

Measure of a Man is about an unconventional hero and what happens when one good deed turns your entire world upside down.  Ian is an antihero.  A man you have no sympathy for at all. Throughout the book heíll surprise you as completely as he did me.  This is part of a series and itís better to read this book before the rest.


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