Master Me by Brynn Paulin

Torrid Tarot

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419914072

Reviewed by Tanya



Ana and Max have been close friends since college.  Ana has told Max everything, including her knowledge that she is a sexual submissive, but canít seem to find the right dominant for her.  Now she has gotten involved with a real loser and is not sure what to do.

Max knows exactly what to do with her.  He comes from a family of Doms and decides to go out on a limb and take her under his wing.  He knows this will probably ruin their friendship, but he also knows that if she is trained right then this might be just the relationship for both of them.

Their biggest challenge will come when they are confronted by the loser who seems to think he still has a hold on Ana.  Can they resolve the situation without destroying themselves?

Master Me is a fast-paced tale into the world and lifestyle of BDSM. I did find the premise that two complete best friends could not know this information about each other, but in the end, it did make for a great story. The author did a nice job of making the scenes and characters alive in my imagination.  Readers will want to b ware as there is one strong, marginally consensual beating that takes place in the story


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