Master Game by Cassandra Kane

Changeling Press

Futuristic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59596-865-4

Reviewed by Lisa



Consistent winner at the Shri-La combat championship, Cally Thaykes loves the life she leads.  Today it is up to Cally to beat the blue-skinned Aylorian, Kye Jaks, but during the fight Kye gets the upper hand and Cally blacks out.

Prince Hermes of the mining planet Aylora must produce an heir to consolidate his power base and enlists his consort-to-be and lover, Kye, to kidnap a Terran female and bring her to Aylora.

Cally escapes her kidnappers once on their planet but is soon caught by Kye and Orantes, Captain of the Prince’s bodyguards.  Orantes has a crush on Kye but is fascinated with Cally, the first woman he has ever seen.  A violent storm erupts and the three are forced to hide deep in a cave. While trapped they begin to explore emotions of lust, desire and love, feelings untapped before they met. Hermes is known to be insanely jealous. If he thinks the three care for each other they just may be signing their own death warrants.  Is love worth everything?

Master Game is a scorching story of lust, longing and learning to love.  From kidnapping, to an all male society with m/m sex, mild BDSM and a ménage-a-trios Master Game is loaded with sizzling encounters of all sorts.  The sex is sensuous and blazing, the characters are believable but some of the plotline itself seems slightly contrived or too conveniently explained.  Having said that, I found Master Game a very entertaining and smoking hot reading experience.


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