Masque of Desire by Amy Ruttan

Tricks and Treats

Ellora's Cave

Paranormal, Contemporary, Romance

ISBN: 9781419913761

Reviewed by Erys



Miranda is a successful lawyer, so why does she find herself stuck going to a masquerade ball? As if that isn't bad enough, her best friend squeezes her into a tight revealing gown, and suggests she have a one night stand since everyone is to remain masked.

Even worse, once she arrives at the party she has flashes of a life she hasn't lived, with a man she's never met. Or has she?

Masque of Desire is an interesting tale of love, sadness, and hope. I enjoyed the way Miranda acted out of character and gave in to her desires. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters. Even though there wasn't a lot of time for Miranda to change her thinking, the way things unfolded, her actions were believable. A real happy ending. I enjoyed reading Masque of Desire.


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