Market for Love by Jamaica Layne

New Concepts Publishing

Genre: Erotic Contemporary

ISBN 978-1-60394-098-6

Reviewed by Elysia


Miranda Johansson is the only female stock research analyst at Maxwell Moore & Company, LLC, and she's in trouble. She's caused her clients to lose millions of dollars in one day, and it isn’t even lunch time yet. To add fuel to the fire, in a burst of unrestrained insanity, she has sex with the hottest hunk she’s ever seen, and knows nothing about except his name - Max.

Maxwell Moore has finally restored his family name in his eyes. All he wants to do now is bask in the glory. He doesn’t expect to fall for Miranda, or to learn that someone else has their heart set on revenge against the two of them, and would settle for nothing less than their utter destruction.

I am not sure what to say about Market for Love by Jamaica Layne. I think there was a lot of promise, but it seemed to fall short of delivering. Max was uneven: alpha and bossy one minute and immature or weak the next, although I will grant him this -as a sexual hero, he rocked. Miranda was an enigma who I found little sympathy for, finding it difficult to understand sometimes why she was mad when she was mad, and why she was accepting when she was accepting. The subplot involving the lawsuits and reasons behind it were interesting, and a nice reason to keep Max and Miranda together and at odds.

Inconsistencies in the story, like cameras in newly purchased and designed offices, threw me off enough that I just couldn’t stay in the story to really enjoy it. Nor could I trust that Max would do the right thing, as he started the relationship in a very high-handed and, in my eyes, untrustworthy manner. I just couldn’t care enough about either of them to trust in the fact they would have a happily ever after.


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