Marked by Joely Skye

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Shapeshifter (M/M)

ISBN: 1-59998-701-5

Reviewed by Sabella



Alec Ryerson lives in fear.  A year ago, Alec was marked for death by a group of were-wolves.  The problem is that after this “incident” nothing ever happened so Alec is beginning to doubt his sanity – even though he has scars that back up his memories.  Still, fear is a constant companion and Alec is reaching the end of his strength.  When Liam approaches him, Alec is undeniably attracted to the man and decides to ignore the risk in bringing a stranger home.  But is Alec in more danger or safer around Liam?

The first time Liam met Alec he couldn’t stop himself from approaching him – but as usual, his lack of social graces did him in.  But when fate helped along by Ira, Liam’s brother, brings Alec back into his life Liam isn’t sure if this is a blessing or a curse.  But this is especially true when Liam learns that Alec was marked by the very pack Liam ran away from…

Marked is a very complex and sometimes confusing tale of abuse, revenge and the difficulties making love work.  As a whole, Marked is an interesting book full of intricacies and nuances that make getting to know the characters difficult.  Alec is full of fear and doubts that even as it tinges every action it also makes some of his reactions hard to understand.  Liam is also very insecure as a result of his social ineptitude, but it is difficult to understand why Liam is like this as it is never fully explained until the last portion of the book.  Still, Liam and Alec are interesting men and it was fun reading about them – especially during those lava hot moments they share.  Pick up Marked the next time you go shopping for an unusual werewolf story.


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