Magical Man List by Christie Walker Bos

Cerridwen Press

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 9781419910845

Reviewed by Elysia



Samantha Stewart is ready for a change. She's tired of getting in relationships that never seem to go anywhere, of finding men who just arenít quite what she wants. And at age thirty-five, she has decided she just doesnít have that much time to waste. So, with her best friendís coaxing, she makes a Magical Man list, listing everything she wants in a man. Once she puts her intent out into the world, how can she not find the perfect man?

Magical Man List by Christie Walker Bos was cute and funny, but also a bit off the wall. I liked Ms. Bosí writing, and thought the story interesting and actually pretty true to life. I did, however, get a bit freaked out by Brianís story, but so did Samantha, so that was most likely Ms. Bosí intention. I felt that some of the book could have been trimmed


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