Mad About Mirabelle by Amarinda Jones

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419912030

Reviewed by Indy



Itís not like Mirabelle lied when she allowed the limo driver to think she was her best friend, who was known for enjoying all a man has to offer. Experiencing the best sex of her life with a total stranger is something she would remember for years to come. A total stranger who winds up living next door to her while he is having his new home built. Flynn canít believe his luck when the mystery woman heís been unable to stop thinking about appears before his eyes. An extended stay with his elderly aunt turns into a good luck charm because, as a man who knows what he wants, heís sure that Mirabelle will become the mother of his children. Now all he has to do is convince her of that while they both deal with a past thatís suddenly exploded into the present.

Iím sure if youíve read any of my previous reviews of this Australian wonder, you know Iím a die hard fan of Amarinda Jones. Mad About Mirabelle is just one more to add to the ďThings I love about this authorĒ list. The enthusiasm in which her latest couple engaged in carnal sports was not only exciting but hilariously funny. Talk about two energizer bunnies. Flynn and Mirabelle had to be out of their clothing more than in. I love couples who are able to smile and laugh as they get to know each other. Appreciation of life is so evident in Ms. Jonesí characters that you fall in love with them immediately. Anyone who loves to smile while enjoying desire wonít want to miss this latest morsel from an author who continues to bring as much fun as she does desire to her work.


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