Luck of the Irish by J.A. Ferguson

Imajinn Books

Fantasy (Leprechaun) / Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-933417-93-5

Reviewed by Cassie



Leprechaun Brian O’Rourke has a problem.  His father, King of the Leprechauns, has lost his shillelagh—a walking stick—and unless they can show it to an English lord by St. Patrick’s Day, all leprechauns will cease to exist.  Brian tracks the stick to the small town of Camdenville, where he hears the music of the stick very clearly.  He’s determined to find the shillelagh and save his people, but finds a major distraction in Maggie Squires.

Maggie has her hands full with taking care of her daughter, Cricket, and running her grandfather’s diner while he recovers from a stroke.  She’s exhausted and frazzled, with no time for herself.  Then sexy Brian O’Rourke shows up on her doorstep and offers to help her out.  Can Maggie and Brian get a happy ending, or will his obligations tear them apart?

Luck of the Irish is a cute, paranormal tale about a segment of the paranormal population that usually isn’t found in romances.  How many books have a leprechaun hero?  I’m guessing not too many!  I liked Brian’s determination, as well as the way he began to think about others, rather than just himself, as he fell for Maggie.  His quest for the shillelagh, while not particularly action-packed, was an interesting backdrop to the romance.  There were a few times, however, when I felt he put his search off a bit too much considering how important it was to his family and culture.  Maggie’s strength and love for her family made her a sympathetic heroine.  Supporting characters, such as Maggie’s daughter and grandfather, as well as Brian’s father, provided humor and emotion.  Some of the fantasy/paranormal aspects near the end of Luck of the Irish were a bit over-the-top for me, but overall I enjoyed the book.  If you’re curious about leprechauns and like magic and humor, Luck of the Irish is for you.


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