Love is War Anthology by D. J. Manly

eXtasy Books

Anthology M/M Paranormal Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-55487-015-8

Reviewed by Ley



“Frisk Me”

While out on patrol with his partner Officer Aidan Mackenzie arrests a prostitute arguing with his john outside of a bar.  After he discovers the kid has no place to sleep on of the coldest night of a brutal New York winter, Aiden offers Caleb his couch for the night.  One night rolls into another and then another and soon Aiden finds he likes having Caleb around much to the dismay of his partner.

I liked “Frisk Me” a lot. It’s a sweet story about a bighearted cop who falls for a kid on the streets. Aiden is very likable and so is Caleb even though I may have disliked some of his actions.  “Frisk Me” is a sweet quick read for anyone looking for romance and angst with two guys who deserve a happily ever after.


“Straight to the Heart”

His parents murdered by vampires and raised to be a slayer, Matt had no reason to believe that there was good in any vampire.  As far as he was concerned they all deserved to die, but then he met Antonio.  A born instead of made vampire, Antonio, was unlike anyone Matt has ever met.

“Straight to the Heart” is a cute fun read with hot sexy vampires.  Antonio and Matt are great together, their back in forth banter is comical as it goes from disdain to a mutual respect to love. “Straight to the Heart” is very enjoyable story.


“Lust Is Never Silent”

Apartment sitting and overseeing a building complex for his uncle, Stan hopes the peace and quiet will be what he needs to finish his novel and maybe get over his broken heart.  It seems the playboy, upstairs tenant who likes to play his music loud and squeak the bedsprings all night long may be a foil to his plans.

“Lust Is Never Silent” title is quite true especially when you’ve worn out the bedsprings.  Chris is so opposite of Stan, he’s a fun loving bachelor with a zest for life while Stan is much more serene.  He’s looking for solitude to lose himself in his writing but luckily Chris was living upstairs and Stan found so much more.


“Sins of the Fathers”

Enemies because that was the way things were, Rory and Levon are the only survivors of an explosion that leaves them trapped together on a deserted space station.  The age-old saying 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer' is taken literally when the two began to talk and learn about each other.  What’s to happen to this new love they’ve found when the rescue team finally shows up?

“Sins of the Fathers” is great, I liked it a lot. Rory and Levon were enemies because this is what they were told. Finding themselves in a situation where they had no choice but to depend on each other, led to the discovery that they had a lot in common. Not focusing on the war but on each other they were able to build a loving relationship. 


Love is War is a terrific anthology of opposites finding love in the unlikeliest places, with people they never would have expected to love.  Cupid certainly had fun bringing these guys together and he picked a great writer in DJ Manly to put their stories on paper.


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