Love in Shadow by Sonja Foust

Wild Rose Press

Fantasy Romance

Reviewed by Katherine



Shadow didnít like the ways of her people.  They would trick others, steal, and basically cause havoc.  She may be a fairy, but she had integrity.  She also cared deeply for her friend Lon.  He had started as simply being her boss, but after the death of his wife, she had helped with his twins, and now he was her best friend. 

Lon James could have blamed Shadow for the death of his wife, as many others would, but he knew that she shared the same feelings of loss that he did.  She may be a fairy, but his own wife had basically told him to judge Shadow on her own merit.  Now as the years had passed, he realized that although he would always be part of a world that may be elite, it would be a world that would be empty without Shadow being with him.

I have mixed feelings for Love in Shadow.  I feel Sonja Foust created a fascinating world where the fairies and humans intermixed.  The characters were well-developed, there was realistic conflict, and I enjoyed the romance between Shadow and Lon.  At the same time, it felt as though I was in the middle of a story, and it took some reading to understand the setting and plot. 


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