Liberated by Kit Tunstall

Vampire Union, Book 2

Changeling Press

Futuristic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59596-759-6

Reviewed by Lisa



It is now post WWIII and Nadya, mistress of vampire lord Jalen DuMond is kidnapped from her lush palace home by Rem, vampire leader of the resistance.

Taken to Remís compound in the Catzkills province, Nadya eventually settles into rural life with Rem but still longs for Jalen at times even though she is falling in love with the rough yet tender vampire leader.

From the moment he met her Rem wanted Nadya for his own without the shadow of Jalen between them.  Rem holds deep secrets while Nadya wrestles with her love for both men.  Some secrets are meant to be told and others should never be free.

In this stand alone second installment, Liberated delves into the emotional aspects of one woman in love with two very different vampire men.  Liberated emphasizes the turmoil Nadya feels trying to figure out how she can love both Rem and Jalen.  I did expect more action besides the kidnapping but I enjoyed seeing Nadya trying to reconcile what she should do.  Author Kit Tunstall uses a deft touch to keep characters emotional issues meaningful without sinking into a mire of boredom.  Iím looking forward to seeing what happens to the three lovers in the next story!


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