Let Me Entertain You by Summer Jordan

Wives R Us, Book 1

Total-e-Bound Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-906328-06-1

Reviewed by Sabella



After Leanne Jameson’s marriage ended in divorce she went into business with two other divorced friends to offer the men out there the conveniences of having a wife, without the trouble of actually having one.  As part of Wives-R-Us Leanne hosts dinner parties, organizes homes and does general household management jobs for their clients.  However, when Dr. Mike calls asking for Leanne’s help he is asking more than they usually offer, but Leanne can’t resist because he is offering an exorbitant amount of money and he is a sexy devil.

Dr. Mike Andrews is in trouble and he knows it.  He is a well-known marriage councilor who has neglected to let it be known that he is divorced – because his wife left him for another man!  Before that wasn’t much of an issue, but now that he is courting a book contract for a “marriage manual” it could torpedo his efforts.  But when he meets Leanne Jameson he thinks up the perfect solution – she can host a dinner party he is throwing and pose as his wife!  What could go wrong with this scenario – more things than Dr. Mike ever considered possible…

Let Me Entertain You is a light-hearted and sexy romp that will take you back to the romances that your mother used to read.  Leanne is a quirky heroine that is charming and old-fashioned in her dress, behavior and attitudes.  It is interesting to watch her evolve from rigid traditional femininity – stockings and all, to a more realistic picture of a woman who manages a home, business and children.  Mike is the perfect single father who manages to combine work, family obligations and a personal life to achieve what seems like a perfect life.  Overall, the plot of the book is not very original as it turns around the pretense of Leanne and Mike being married and having them falling in love during their performance.  Also, so many obstacles are thrown in their path, only to be swept away with a simplistic resolution, that they felt false and as expedient plot devices to extend the book.  Leanne wasn’t as attractive as she presents herself as a “Suzy home-maker” that is at a loss with her life without a man to take care of and a home to manage.  Mike, however, flips between being a completely modern “single dad” to ultra conservative marriage councilor that holds that divorce is not an acceptable course of action.  Still, the book is full of sexy encounters between Leanne and Mike that will distract you from the books shortcomings and the over abundance of stereotypical characters.  Let Me Entertain You is an amusing and sexy story, despite the old-fashioned characters.


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