Leather by BA Tortuga, Megan Rose, Sean Michael

Toy Box

Toquere Press

Contemporary, GLBT

ISBN-13: 978-1-60370-256-0

ISBN-10: 1-60370-256-3

Reviewed by Beth Anne



“Hell Bent for Leather” by BA Tortuga

Elements for a good recipe:  Men, bar, leather chaps, motorcycle.   What else is needed?  “Hell Bent” also includes snappy dialog, fast action and instant attraction and BA Tortuga delivers a fun, lustful ride home for Garret, a bartender meeting up with a long legged denim and chap-covered, leather-jacket customer, named Dominic. 


“Little Leather Book” by Megan Rose

This little jem was a surprise for me, but this was a pleasurable read with a little bit of a supernatural surprise thrown into the plot.  Claire is a young woman, recent college graduate cataloging books for Rachel at Harlestone Castle.  Rich history and atmosphere, leather bound books, and a lover’s room covered in soft subtle leather cloth provided a hot, delicious read between two women and gave Claire an opportunity to explore her hidden passions.


“On Display” by Sean Michael

With “On Display”, we get to revisit lovers Ben and Gabe who first appeared in Fallen Angel by Sean Michael.  It’s opening night at an art gallery where Gabe’s leatherwork is on display.  Ben dresses in leather pants and a leather vest “hand-tooled” by Gabe.   Gabe doesn’t do well in crowds, and it’s up to Ben to make this night memorable for Gabe.  As Ben is part of the exhibit, he doesn’t allow Gabe to skip out on the evening.  The event turns into a successful night all around and Ben and Gabe’s love is reaffirmed with teasing, loving, sexy hot passion.


I enjoyed “Hell Bent”, as I felt like I was with Garret and Dominic on the motorcycle ride, feeling what they were feeling down to my toes.  “Little Leather Book” isn’t my usual cup of tea (f/f), but it was fun from Claire’s point-of-view.  I loved the room covered in the soft and sensuous leather.  And Sean Michael, might not know about my addiction to serial stories, but I enjoyed revisiting with Ben and Gabe in “On Display” and finding out more about their love, work, and lives.  All three stories in Leather are a great addition to the Toy Box collection.


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