Lady’s Wager by Georgie Lee

Cerridwen Press

Historical Romance

ISBN: 9781419912610

Reviewed By Tori



Charlotte Stuart has traveled all over Europe with the aunt and uncle that raised her after her parents died.  Now it is time to return to England to wed and to please her guardians she goes through the motions of looking, but she has no intention of committing herself to any man.  Charlotte was hurt by a man in her past and wants nothing more than to become a spinster and work with her charities.

Edward Woodcliff is a Viscount.  He has let out the rumor that he has fallen on hard times to weed out the women only interested in his money and title.  He has finally found his match in Charlotte. but her pride keeps getting in the way.  How will Edward win over the girl without looking like a liar and wounding her pride even more?

Lady’s Wager is a well-written, classic historical romance.  Both characters are well traveled and smart.  Only for a short while does Edward think of Charlotte as being only a mindless female.   My favorite part was when Edward thought to try winning Charlotte over by being nice to her.  I think Lady’s Wager started a little slow, but by the end I really enjoyed the story.


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