Knight by Vic Winter

Here There Be Dragons Chasers, Book 3

Torquere Press

Gay Fantasy (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-296-6, 1-60370-296-2

Reviewed by Sabella



The call to arms has been sounded and all the knight’s in the king’s army are heading off to fight – including Toma.  This makes Toma scared – scared that he is not ready, scared that something will happen to him, Herman or more importantly to Horace.  But as they head off to fight, Toma finds his stride, until Herman is hurt, that is.  Will Toma and Herman survive the fight?  Did Horace survive as well, or did he fall under enemy fire like so many other dragon knights?

Here There Be Dragons: Knight is an explosive conclusion to this chaser series.  Toma and Horace’s relationship has progressed to include some more adventurous things as they come together and proclaim their love for each other.  But when danger haunts them they come together to ensure their survival.  I greatly enjoyed this series as the first installments leave you eagerly waiting for the next, and the conclusion truly delivers a romance worth reading about.  Vic Winter did a great job creating characters that will enchant you and wishing to be part of this magical world that includes dragons.  Here There Be Dragons: Knight is a wonderful wrap-up of Toma and Herman’s story.  Pick up the Here There Be Dragons series for a fun and erotic romp!


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