Kiss of the Werewolf by Sedonia Guillone

Tao of Love series, Book 2

Loose Id

Werewolf Paranormal Romance (M/F)

ISBN: 978-1-59632-277-6

Reviewed by Sabella



The last couple of months of Megan Phillips’ life have not been easy.  Her beloved grandfather died and now she is left alone to run their neighborhood store and give the local youths Tai Chi lessons.  For Megan, life has become a daily struggle to not let grief overwhelm her and to keep their little store running.  But when the mysterious stranger, Jie Sing, shows up on her doorstep wiling to help, Megan is surprised by her strong attraction to the man and the peaceful calm that he brings with him.  But once Jie shares with Megan the secret that he keeps will Megan be able to look past it and love the man despite his “curse”?

Dr. Jie Sing has spent the last three years isolated in the plains of China trying to control his “wolf” and avoid changing during the full moon.  While he has been somewhat successful in fighting the compulsion to change through meditation and Tai Chi, in the last month he lost his battle against the wolf.  In despair, Jie is contemplating how to manage this curse for the rest of his life when his godfather gives Jie a suggestion that might lead to Jie’s acceptance of his animal side – go to Boston and find his mate.  But when Jie finds Megan will he be able to keep her at his side, especially as danger approaches?

Tao of Love 2: Kiss of the Werewolf takes a different look at the werewolf legend where the characters themselves are off the beaten path.  Megan, a Chinese-American woman, is a strong, but unassuming woman that has kept her life together in the face of adversity, while wishing for something more out of her life.  Jie is the classic, tragic hero with his fight against the werewolf curse who despite all, has managed to build in himself an ocean of calm to be able to face the world.  These two together make a strangely passive couple that manage to fall in love in less than one day’s acquaintance, making for a strangely unbelievable tale.  While the passionate moments between Megan and Jie are hot and emotional, the romantic connection is difficult to believe.  The story involving rival werewolves and a battle to the death feel as tacked on elements, adding only more melodrama to the story.  While Kiss of the Werewolf is not an engrossing read it is an entertaining story for a day where a distraction is what you need.


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