Key West Magic by Ciar Cullen

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-204-8

Reviewed by Jo



Trent Light is being sent off on another job, one he thinks is a fluff job.  Off to Key West to get rid of four ghosts from a bed and breakfast.  Trentís life and profession deal in magic anyway, so using a cover that deals with running a magic show is perfect.  Trent has underestimated many parts of this job and itís taking him much longer than expected.   When the client dies, Trent does not expect his attraction to the new owner of the house.

Julie Calloway has come to Key West to find out just what her aunt left her.  Julie is blown away to discover the extent of the inheritance and wonders why her aunt left it all to her.  Julie sees a street performer doing his show not long after she arrives and is immediately attracted to him -- only to discover he has a long term arrangement in her new bed and breakfast. 

Trent and Julie have both been hurt in love and arenít sure if they even want to acknowledge the attraction.  However, they should know better than to ignore fate.  Once Julie discovers the real reason Trent is there, even more things get stirred into the mix.  Passion overcomes common sense for Trent and Julie, leaving both to wonder what will happen when the time comes for them to go home.  When you throw in a ghost who has a hidden agenda, magic, and love, who knows what the outcome will be.

Key West Magic brings together two people who have been hurt in the past.  Because of this, neither Julie or Trent look for anything that might last long.  Julie doesnít really think much of magic prior to Key West and Trent, but she cannot deny the magic between them.   Reading about Trent and Julieís pasts had me wondering about their future.  I fell in love with the Calloway house and especially the ghost Emily.  Watching Trent try and fight his demons and Julie begin to believe in magic made Key West Magic a more than gripping story.  The passion and sensual feeling that runs throughout just adds to it.  If paranormals with a bit of a twist interest you, then you really should check out Key West Magic.  Not to let anything out, but the epilogue has put me on the watch for the next book dealing with the Light family.


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