Keeping Faith by Kara Lynn Russell

An Orchard Hill Romance, Book 4

The Wild Rose Press

Inspirational Romance

Reviewed By Tori



Andrew Thomas is the Orchard Hill Elementary School principal and has been widowed for eight years.  One night, while talking to his daughter, he promises to ask a woman on a date soon.  The problems start when he asks the wrong woman out.

Faith Fielding is Andrew’s administrative assistant and has been in love with him for years.  Faith knows he is blind to this fact and decides she would rather quit her job than to see him date other women.

Keeping Faith is a cute follow-up to the Orchard Hill Romance series.  This book has little to do with Inspirational Romance.  Other then a few notes about attending church and youth group, it has little religious content.  It would be suitable for anyone who likes sweet romances. 


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