Jewels of the Nile Volume 1 by B.J. McCall, Cynthia Rayne, Katie Blu, Kate Hill, Delilah Devlin, Jenna Reynolds

Ellora's Cavemen

Ellora's Cave

Sci-fi, Paranormal, Erotic, Romance, Contemporary, Western, BDSM, Fantasy

ISBN: 978141991574

Reviewed by Erys



Earthly Pleasure by B.J. McCall

Renee is Aasi and as such, she offers sanctuary to wounded warriors. Saving Earth isn't their only mission, but it will be easier if most of the Earth's population is unaware of their existence. Renee finds herself falling for a warrior, but when she learns what Itan's real mission is, she might be singing a different tune come morning.

They say there are no new stories, just the same ones told in a new way. I found Earthly Pleasure to be an enjoyable tale that was different, and sweet. I found this a well rounded tale with sympathetic characters. Quick pacing, emotional turmoil, sexy characters, and a happy ending left me quite satisfied.


Erotic Sacrifice by Cynthia Rayne

Once a year, there is a carnal human sacrifice to appease the demons. Bronwyn is excited to be chosen as the carnal sacrifice even while she's nervous about what it entails. Bronwyn has seen the Dark Lord several times over the years and she is fascinated by him. Fascinated enough to agree to be a willing sacrifice.

The way Erotic Sacrifice began made me nervous. Part of me feared this was going to offend my religious sensibilities, but when I learned the Dark Lord didn't mean the devil, but the leader of the demons, I was oddly comforted. Erotic Sacrifice is a steamy tale of sex, trust, and learning about yourself. The heroine had no idea she would enjoy being submissive, but once she found out she did, she gave herself over to the pleasures of the ritual. This is a fun hot read, but I must warn you that there is bondage and multiple partners in this story.


Hot Under the Collar by Katie Blu


Ever since Reverend Eric Johns moved to town, female attendance at church has risen dramatically. Emma's been fascinated with the reverend and has begun attending the church services. Who knew all it would take to meet the man of her erotic daydreams would be the most embarrassing accident of her life?


Hot Under the Collar was a steamy read. Following right after Erotic Sacrifice I was almost shocked speechless. Then I read the rest of the story. I liked Emma and her relationship with John. I wished there was more between them than just the sexual chemistry. One part of the story that I didn't like was when John went to investigate a noise. Emma was not only unconcerned because she believed it was other employees, but she also went to sleep while he was downstairs investigating.


Incensed by Kate Hill

After Cori's sister visits a 'matchmaker' she dumps her fiancé for one who is not as well established or cute. Cori is upset because she's spent her life raising her sister and wants the best for her. Determined to prove the matchmaker is a fraud, she goes to his business and demands his attention. In order to prove he's legit, Cyril agrees to give her a free match.

While I enjoyed Incensed, I wished for more. I enjoyed the way the story flowed and how Cyril seemed to understand Cori better than she understood herself. I found her admittance of love to be to easy to believe. Cyril worked hard to show her what she really needed and wanted, but part of me wanted to see more emotional struggle on Cori's part.


Making the Madam by Delilah Devlin

Merry finds herself in the West, a widow with only an 'emporium' as a means of support. She coerces her reluctant lawyer to show her the establishment only to find out it is nothing she has any experience with. While unsure how to run it, she is determined to keep her brothel and keep it a success. With the help of Nathan Boone, she is sure things will work out.

While stories set in this time frame are not usually my cup of tea, I enjoyed reading Making the Madam. Merry's naiveté was refreshing. Despite his failure, I enjoyed the way Nathan tried to convince Merry to sell to him.


The Emissary by Jenna Reynolds

Shina is a Courtesan-in-training. She can't wait to lose her virginity so she no longer has to be a slave for her trainer. The catch? The male that wants her is an alien; one that no one has ever seen before because his kind remain hidden in large cloaks.

The Emissary was a thoroughly enjoyable read. I loved the idea of an alien purchasing a courtesan to get to know more about her race. I liked the rituals Shina carried out and the way her mysterious lover kept trying to break her.


Jewels of the Nile Volume 1 is an anthology packed with steaming hot stories. It was fun to read a group of novellas that, while not connected, were all enjoyable. From westerns to futuristics there is something for everyone in this anthology.


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