Jawk by Kayelle Allen

Tales of the Chosen, Book 5

Liquid Silver Books

Futuristic Romance

ISB: 978-1-59578-406-3

Reviewed by Lisa



Jawk Brighton, a 20 something Kin male, has hit the big time waiting tables at Batchelors 4, the top class menís restaurant/club in Tarth City where the upper echelon men meet for drinks and a meal.  As a college student, Jawk can definitely use the money made in this job.

The man with his hand and money in everything in Tarth City and beyond, Luc Saint-Cyr and his partner Wulf Gabriel, ex-model and successful businessman in his own right are regulars at Batchelors 4 most nights of the week.

Threesomes are a particular favorite with Luc who invites Jawk over to spend an evening with Wulf and himself.  Agreeing to come over, Jawk has a hidden agenda of his own and plans to make every effort to gain their interest so that he can spend more time with Luc.  Emotional explosions ensue when the three start playing in the high rise loft so that when everything starts to unravel the truth is set free.  Sexual deceit, fraud, aliens and powerful immortals are all vying to stay behind closed doors.  These truths are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  No one is who they present themselves to be and everybody is suspect when lives are at stake, even the life of a young male Kin.

Fascinating and unique, Jawk is a mixture of science fiction, future fantasy, mild BDSM, hot sexual encounters and several interconnected love stories.  Tales of the Chosen, Book 5 continues with Jawk taking center stage in this character heavy futuristic adventure.  At times I couldnít put Jawk down particularly when the male Kin and Luc get together on a business trip and when Wulf and Alitus quietly spend time together.  The overall story can be understood on itís own but understanding what has happened in the previous books makes this one more enjoyable.  There are twists and turns and surprises galore making Jawk something special indeed.  I didnít necessarily like where Jawk ended up but I did like what happened with other prominent characters so Iím hoping there will be a book 6 and something wonderful for the sexy Kin!


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