Isabelle’s Story by  Anita Birt

Cerridwen Press

Historical Romance

ISBN: 9781419911736

Reviewed By Tori



Isabelle Rachel Linden has been working for her overbearing, cruel father as a nurse since she was sixteen years old.  Now she is nineteen and her father wants her to marry a crude Curate, but Isabelle has met someone else.  Knowing her father will never accept the match she keeps quiet about her love that is until she finds herself pregnant and she finds herself abandoned by the father of her baby.

Harry Manderlin escorted his mother to a small Welch (Welsh?) town known for it’s healing spa.  He never imagined he would meet the beautiful Isabelle, but when he does he knows he has met the girl he wants to marry.  Before he leaves for a trip to America he swears he will return and wed her.

Isabelle’s Story for the most part was a good read, though throughout the story there were a few things that distracted me. And while I enjoyed the basic plot and the main characters, too many characters seemed lost and incapable of thinking on their own.  I found the “villains” to be most villainous, sometimes to the point where it felt overdone.  The father had many issues that were never dealt with in any manner. Some issues were brought up for a short passage only to never be brought up again, but would surely be an issue to the main character at some point.  The last blurb in the epilogue could have been left out entirely as it did not add to the story in anyway.


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