Into The Lair By Caitlyn Willows

Loose Id

Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59632-578-4

Reviewed by Chris



Married couple Lauren and Sebastian Garner are more accustomed to working at their Mayan dig site than hobnobbing with rich patrons at the Prentice Museum in San Diego. Unfortunately, in order to finance their dig, they need the funds the rich can provide, in particularly the wealthy Prentices. But the Prentices seem more interested in the Garners themselves than their artifacts or their dig.

The Prentices aren’t the only ones who find the Garners appealing. Wyatt Caldwell, the head of the institute the Garners work for, is not entirely human. Having lost the love of his life decades ago, he abruptly becomes aware of her ghostly presence…and a resurrected evil. When the Garners agree to accompany the Prentices on a week-long expedition to the Chicxulub Crater on the Yucatán Peninsula, Wyatt and his lost love’s fate become intertwined with the Garners’.

Oh my! Grab a fan and your man before commencing to read Into The Lair. This is one hot story. I really loved reading about a long-time married couple who were still lusting for each other as much as when they were first wed. The devotion between the two made the novel special. Solid pacing, interesting characters, and an original plot topped it off. If you enjoy erotic romance with a splash of m/f/m interaction, you’ll take pleasure in Into the Lair.


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