Intimate Art by Adele Dubois

Ellora's Cave

Paranormal, Contemporary, Romance

ISBN: 9781419915321

Reviewed by Erys



Jack and Legs strike sparks off each other hot enough to set the patrons of the Special-T on fire. There are bets about whether Jack will catch Legs, or if she will capture him.

Jack loves Legs with everything he has, and he's not going to be put off any longer by a ghost. Not even when Legs continues to act as if her aunt is still around and uses her ghost as an excuse to keep pushing him away.

Intimate Art is a hot, fun story that will keep the reader turning the pages and rooting for Jack. Both characters are sympathetic, but I found myself more captivated by the sexy Jack. I truly enjoyed the way he set about to convince Legs he was right, and to give him a chance. The only thing I didn't like about this story were the instances of first person point of view in the beginning and ending. It made it feel more like a story, than a world I'd been sucked into. I definitely will look for more by this author, because I enjoyed this book.


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