Insurrection by Patrice Michelle

Scions, Book 2

Silhouette Nocturne

Sensual Paranormal Romance

ISBN 978-0-373-61787-6

Reviewed by Nannette



Kaitlyn McKinneyís first assignment as a police detective is to investigate a possible connection between the mafia and vampire hunters called Garotters. The Garotters are acquiring pulsar guns that can be used to kill vampires. Private investigator Landon Rourke often helps the police solve their cases. On his own, Landon is investigating the disappearance of zerkers from his pack. Zerkers are werewolves stuck between shape-shifted forms. Landon has known Kaitlyn for a long time. He is strongly attracted to her, but heís a werewolf and Kaitlyn doesnít know it.  Landon has another secret heís hiding from Kaitlyn as well, and this one will definitely drive her away from him, so although his desire for her is strong, he needs to keep his distance.

When Kaitlyn becomes a target, Landon is forced to stay close to her. Keeping his intense desire in check becomes increasingly more difficult, then impossible to deny. As the danger mounts, Kaitlynís life is thrown into turmoil. While she is facing killers, Landonís secrets are revealed, and then she makes a shocking discovery about herself. What happens next will change Kaitlynís life forever.

Landon is haunted by his past. When he finally allows himself to give in to his deep desire for Kaitlyn, the result is incredibly heartwarming and passionate. Kaitlyn is the perfect match for Landon. She can handle Landonís intensity and she gives him all the love he was desperately seeking. Landon and Kaitlyn face vampires, werewolves, and villains while fighting for their love. Insurrection is an exciting and creative story.



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