I, Nefertiti by Lacey Savage

Ellora’s Cave

Time Travel

ISBN: 9781419914492

Reviewed by Indy



He comes to her nightly taking her right to the brink of ecstasy only to disappear while she’s left to ache for him. Nell doesn’t know who the man is that haunts her sleeping moments all she knows is his name and that he’s been dead for thousands of years. Placing her latest film on hold to head across the world is not the actions of a sane woman but Nell is in dire need of completion, literally and figuratively. Even the best of writers couldn’t have written a better script as Nell soon finds herself transported three thousand years in the past right into Akhenaten's arms. Arms holding his wife the famed Nefertiti and the woman’s body she now inhabits. Nell knows she needs to return back to her world but she can’t leave without knowing the pleasure of being in the arms of Akhenaten.

An interesting take on the story of Nefertiti, I, Nefertiti turned out to be a cute story with a melding of worlds when a heroine from the future is thrown back into the past right into the arms of the man she’s meant to love. Nell is a woman who takes a chance on life and doesn’t question the unexplainable like the average woman would. The chemistry she and Akhenaten share is a beauty to behold and the thought that spirits born in different parts of time could still find each other was a concept I fell in love with. I have to commend Lacey Savage on taking a genre I rarely ever read and making it not only enjoyable but one I know want to explore. I’m sure fans of the time travel genre will find this plus size novel interesting and as exciting as I did.


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