Indentured Bride by Regan Taylor

The Bride Series, Book 1 


Historical Romance

ISBN:  978-1-58749-653-0

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Brett Parker is the half breed son of a white father and Cheyenne mother.  Striving to find his niche in the community in which he lives, he does his best to be respectable.  Being a deputy sheriff helps as well. Years ago, he asked a white woman to marry him and was told in no uncertain terms that his heritage would keep any respectable woman from wanting him.  Brett believed those words and now, years later, he finds himself giving up the dream of having a wife and family to come home to at night.  Seeing the mail order brides that the men in his community sent off for makes him yearn all the more.  One woman in particular catches his eyes and while he didnít send off for a bride, luck would intervene with Jenna, an extra bride who has not been spoken for.

Jennifer Matthews is on the run.  Both parents have died under traumatic circumstances and after the death of her father, she finds herself the ward of an incestuous uncle intent on making her his own by raping her.  She fights back and in the ruckus, she kills her uncle and immediately sets off for parts unknown.  She comes into contact with a team of women who are heading west to be brides and so Jennifer does what she can. She becomes ďJennaĒ, a mail order bride.  She figures she will latch onto the wagon train and head off on her own at the first opportunity.  That opportunity never comes and before she knows it, she is the official wife of Brett Parker. 

Jenna and Brett marry and while each has to get used to the other, they finally settle and become a family.  Their good fortune is not to be forever because it seems that Jennaís uncle has returned from the dead and he is determined to return her to his side, husband or not.

Indentured Bride by Regan Taylor is a engrossing and romantic saga of mistaken identities.  Jenniferís assault at the hands of her uncle was foul indeed but I like how she tried to take control of her life. I didnít like how she continued to notí fess up to her little lie with her new husband, Brett.  He was torn once the truth was out and I fully can sympathize with the hurt feelings he had concerning the woman he gave his heart to.  He forgave her but it took him a while, and although my heart broke for the pain each was feeling, I like how the plot unfolded because it would have been hard to forgive and forget.

Regan Taylor is now on my reviewer radar. I canít wait to read more from this talented author.  Lucky for me Indentured Bride is the first book of her Bride Series and I am ready for the next installment!


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