Incubus Call by Willa Okati

The Brotherhood, Book 13

Loose ID

Paranormal M/M

ISBN:  978-1-59632-503-6

Reviewed by Beth Anne



Liam, an incubus, has helped his friends, all men of The Brotherhood, find their loves, meeting sexy paranormals in a nightclub called Amour Magique.  Now, itís Liamís turn for romance.  Jordan is Liamís ďsometime-loverĒ and not a magical being or paranormal.  Jordan is a normal, regular kind of guy, though a mythology expert, and willing to stand by his man when Liam is in trouble.  Liam has enemies determined to keep the lovers apart and an interfering all-powerful mother, Lilith.  How does Jordan help Liam fight against his foes? 

Incubus Call is the conclusion to the popular series The Brotherhood, involving eleven gay men looking for love after being burned by prior romances.  The men join together and have regular meetings, and Liam is a prominent figure throughout the storylines.  Each story easily stands alone, and the series can be read in any order.  I picked up and enjoyed six of the books and only the last three books were in sequential order.  The banter between Jordan and Liam is fun and the action keeps hopping.  The details of Liamís past and background were surprising but interesting to finally have revealed. Incubus Call delivers a humorous, sexy love story that shows love can conquer all.


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