Incognito by Lisbet Sarai

Total-e-Bound Publishing

BDSM/ ménage à trois or more

ISBN:  978-1-906328-43-6

Reviewed by Cassie



Having been hurt by her first lover years before, Miranda now spends all her time working on her academic pursuits.  The only thing she allows herself to truly care about is her study of Victorian erotica.  Though she’d like to meet someone, she gets nervous and withdraws when she meets a man she might actually like.  When her uninhibited roommate Lucy takes her out to a club, she is shocked to find herself engaging in wild, anonymous sex in a cloakroom.  Her secret desires come out then and she begins to act on them, but at the same time she draws back every time her attractive colleague Mark tries to make any type of advance.

Miranda finally allows herself to begin to spend time with Mark, but she is hiding many secrets.  Her sexual awakening, fueled by a Victorian diary she found, is changing her in unexpected and sometimes frightening ways.  Unknown to Miranda, Mark is hiding something as well.  Will the secrets tear them apart, or bring them closer together?

I will preface this review by saying Incognito is not for the faint of heart.  The genre description doesn’t even begin to describe what goes on in this book.  If you don’t like anonymous sex, fairly hardcore BDSM, same-sex activity, multi-partner activity, etc., don’t pick this book up.  That said, however, Incognito is a very hot read.  The parallel-storyline device using Miranda’s sexual awakening and the activities of the woman, Beatrice, in the Victorian diary, was well done and interesting.  I could understand Miranda’s reluctance to get involved again after being so badly hurt by her first lover.  Her love interest, Mark, initially seemed kind and sweet, but had hidden depths.  Most of the (many, many) sex scenes were well written and hot.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling the romance at all.  Incognito read more like pure erotica to me.  Miranda had several one-night stands with strangers, one or two of which kind of freaked me out.  Her behavior at times was completely reckless and even dangerous, and a few times I thought I’d be offering her the name of a good therapist if she were a real person.  While I can appreciate a bit of kink, Miranda and Mark never seemed to connect in any way other than through their mutual desire for ever more risky sex.  If you’re in the mood for lots of hot sex without much emotion, Incognito will fit the bill.  If you want more connection and romance, however, look elsewhere.


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