In Bear’s Bed by Carol Lynne

Campus Cravings, Book 7

Total E-bound Publishing

Gay Contemporary Romance (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-906328-75-7

Reviewed by Sabella



Liam O'Brien is glad to be finally living at BK House – a haven for gay students attending the university.  Once the residents start arriving Liam is surprised to see who his roommate is – Nate “Bear” Tucker, a man Liam was sure was straight!  On the heels of this revelation Liam gets an even bigger surprise when Bear tells him that the attraction that Liam thought he was hiding is mutual.  In fact, Bear’s feelings for Liam were what made him face the truth about his sexuality.  As Liam throws himself into the relationship with Bear he must deal with several large and un-ignorable facts – jealousy over some of Bear’s friends and an unexpected threat to Bear’s health.

Nate “Bear” Tucker has always been a football player first and a man second.  When Bear decides to “come out” his view of himself is tested from all sides but his relationship with Liam proves to be a cornerstone that he needs.  However, as their relationship grows and deepens Bear confides in Liam that his health is not all it appears to be but that he is unable to see himself outside of football.

Will Liam be able to help Bear find his way or will their relationship collapse under all the pressure?

In Bear’s Bed is a fun and emotional romance that brings in well-known characters and give a good dose of hot man-love!  Liam and Bear make a great combination and their relationship is lava hot as well as emotionally intense.  Bear comes across as a typical athlete that finds it hard to see himself as anything else, but with Liam’s help Bear grows to be much more.  Liam, on the other hand, plays the smart but physically insecure partner, but with enough character to pull it off without becoming a stereotype.  Both men are adorably genuine while being incredibly sexy together which made for some fun, light reading while Ms. Lynne delivers the anticipated HEA.  In Bear’s Bed is a hot and fun read perfect for a carefree afternoon.


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