In a Reckless Moment by Emma Wildes

Brothers of the Absinthe Club: Book 3

Siren Publishing, Inc


ISBN: 1-933563-89-3

Reviewed by Scarlet



Ross Benson, Viscount Winterton, is recently returned from Africa.  He is a jaded rake of a man, and the object of many women’s fantasies.  He and Timothy Rollins are arriving back at Ivydale Manor, drunk, when they wake young Cassandra, Timothy’s sister, who helps both men to bed.  When she ends up in bed with Ross, her lifetime crush, it will have repercussions none of them counted on. 

Ross is handsome, sought after and has never had an inclination toward innocent young women.  For some unfathomable reason, Cassandra tempts him like no woman has before.  When he seduces her on a night of drunken stupor, he has no choice but to marry the alluring Cassandra.

In a Reckless Moment is a charming story of opposites attracting.  Ross and Cassandra burn up the pages as their explosive chemistry is the foundation for building a marriage from convenience to a forever love.  Cassandra is a woman many will appreciate for her independence, her common sense and her genuine love for Ross and her family.  She is warm and witty, charming and beautiful.  With not a vain bone in her body, she endeared herself to me even further.  Ross, on the other hand, is a charming and handsome rogue; he is jaded and spoiled until Cassandra brings him down a few pegs.  He is clueless about love and it is with baited breath that this reader watched as he fell further under Cassandra’s spell each day.  With the underlying mystery of Ross’s past to keep this reader guessing, I was intrigued by the storyline, both the journey to falling in love and the mystery of threats to the couple’s safety.  I thoroughly enjoyed Emma Wildes’ In a Reckless Moment and I intend to purchase all of the previous titles. 


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