I'm All E.A.R.S. and E.A.R.S. Joanna’s Challenge by Anna Fallon

Torrid Teasers, Volume 14

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Torrid Romance Paranormal

ISBN: 1-59374-642-3

Reviewed by Jo



I'm All E.A.R.S.

Joanna Grigson is about to face her worse nightmare: drowning. Just when she starts to say her last prayer, she is suddenly grabbed and taken to safety. Joanna isn’t completely sure of what has just happened, but what she does know is that she would love to get up close and personal with her rescuer. Jordan Burns, founder of E.A.R.S., Earth Angel Rescue Society, has been waiting and watching Joanna for many years. He has two reasons for his interest. The first is his passion for her that has developed as he watched her, and the second is that Jordan just knows that Joanna will be the perfect woman to lead the female division of his organization.  Joanna takes up both of Jordan’s offers, knowing she is the woman to pass all his tests and to capture his passion and love for herself.


E.A.R.S. - Joanna's Challenge

After months of hard training, Joanna passes all of Jordan's tests. Not only has she passed them, but she has excelled. Now Joanna needs to find a way to get past his rule of no sex while training. She knows the passion is strong between them and just needs to get Jordan to relax a bit and follow her lead. Jordan isn’t sure how much longer he can work with Joanna and not bust from the sexual tension. When she invites him to dinner, Jordan agrees, not realizing just what he is going to find. With the dinner and Joanna on his mind, Jordan discovers a threat to not only himself and Joanna, but to all existence. When the night ends, will all the answers be found, or will the threat be more than they can work with?


I’m All E.A.R.S. and E.A.R.S. – Joanna’s Challenge are two parts in the same story. First off, we learn of Joanna and Jordan and his organization. Even some of the other characters make a brief appearance. Joanna wants Jordan as much as he wants her and she accepts Jordan’s challenge, figuring it's the best way to stay with Jordan. The second part takes us into Joanna’s training and how she circumvents the “no sex” rule while training. Jordan is working hard to keep his own rules. Joanna and Jordan find a way to express their love and passion even as a new danger is discovered. Joanna and Jordan are both great characters and their passion was hot and there right from the beginning. Even when they have to subdue the flames a bit, the desire is still around and just waiting for a time to flame up again. I thought that the threat brought into the last section was a great twist and at the end, I was disappointed in how it was just brushed off. I did think that I’m All E.A.R.S. and E.A.R.S. – Joanna’s Challenge was a good book, but I was left feeling somewhat disappointed in the let down I felt at the end.


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