Howl for Me by Kell Casey

Changeling Press

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59596-750-3

Reviewed by Lisa



Scenting a female in heat, Darius Romano is honor bound to fight three other males for the prize of mating with the woman.  Little does he realize just who the woman is behind the bushes.

Rivalry between the Romano pack and the Barboras pack tore young lovers Darius and Bria Barboras apart years ago.  Now these two have a chance to change the past, start over and hopefully renew their love for each other.  But there are still some who will do anything to keep them apart, even murder.

Howl for Me is a very sexy version of the classic Hatfield/McCoy story.  Darius is a total alpha with a tender heart, while Bria has learned to be strong for herself and one other.  I enjoyed the beginning and loved the interaction between the main characters but found the going back and forth between the antagonistsí too abrupt and contrived. Howl for me has a smooth start, hot sex and a bumpy ending.


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