Honeysuckle by Anny Cook

Ellora's Cave

Menage a trois or More / Fantasy

ISBN: 9781419914096

Reviewed by Jambrea



Honeysuckle is the middle child of Florian LeFleur.  Florian is taking his daughters to Come-a-lot to marry them off.  Honeysuckle is resigning herself to the fact that she will only have one man in her bed after she is married.  On the way to the castle, the family stops at an inn where

Honeysuckle runs into the Hieney twins, Dick and Peter.  Her life will never be the same and she canít wait. 

Dick and Peter Hieney have found the woman of their dreams.  They put a claim on her before the three even meet. 

After one wonderful night, can the three become the family they want to be?  Will a plot to kill the king destroy their chance at happiness?

Anny Cook has done it again!  Honeysuckle is a wonderful follow-up to Chrysanthemum while remaining a stand alone book.  I love how Ms. Cook overlapped the two books so you can see a different perspective of the same scene.  I have read my share of sequels and the way Ms. Cook makes the books stand alone while keeping them true to each other is fantastic.  Honeysuckle is a steamy hot story and I canít wait to read about the last sister. I donít know if my computer will be able to handle the hotness of another book by Ms. Cook, but I sure will try!


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