Home of His Own and Where His Home Lies by T.A. Chase 

Home, Books 2 and 3

Liquid Silver Books

Erotic M/M Romance

ISBN 978-1-59578-427-8

Reviewed by Nannette



Tony Romanosí family disowned him for being gay so he ran away from home when he was a teenager. Tony rides bulls in the rodeo circuit now. When heís not competing, Tony lives with his friends Les and Randy at Lesí ranch in Wyoming.  Les and Randy are lovers and Tony loves them like brothers. He wishes he had what they share.

While competing at a bull riding event in Hawaii Tony meets Mac, Brody MacCafferty, and they spend a few days in each otherís bed. When his Hawaiian trip is over, Tony reluctantly says goodbye to Mac and heads home to Texas to help his nephew Juan. Juan is gay and having the same trouble Tony did with their family. Tony takes Juan and his friend Yancey back to Wyoming with him.

Brody comes to Lesí ranch looking for his brother Yancey. He gets a pleasant surprise when he sees Tony there.  The men pick up where they left off but their jobs, Tonyís family, and distance - Brody lives in California, make things hard on them. Can Tony find a home of his own with Brody?

Home of His Own is an angst filled romance. Tony and Brody are great together. Theyíre loving and sexy. There is a lot of drama in Home of His Own. Itís an erotic love story with a very happy ending.


Where His Home Lies

Les Hardin and Randy Hersch are longtime lovers. They have invited their close friends and family over on Valentineís Day to celebrate their love and the commitment they have made to each other.

Where His Home Lies is very romantic. Les and Randy make their first appearance in No Going Home, book one of the Home series. Les and Randy have been through a lot to get to where they are now. Where His Home Lies is the perfect way to end their loving and romantic story.


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