Home for Christmas by Kate Davies

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-707-4

Reviewed by Erys



Its been almost two years since Sophia lost her husband. And in the past year shes grown more dependent on her business partner Ethan. Dependent might not be quite the word shes looking for, but its the only one she is willing to admit to.

Ethan would love to take things a step further. He loves her, but doesnt want to rush things and lose her. When she decides to rush off on a cruise without even telling him, hes left with no choice but to pursue her or lose her.

Home for Christmas is a sweet, endearing tale that will leave you with a feeling of peace and hope. A perfect story for Christmas, Home for Christmas has sympathetic characters that are realistic and enjoyable. I loved the developing romance. Kate Davies is one author that has yet to disappoint me.


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