His Perfect Submissive by Alyssa Aaron

Black Velvet Seductions

Erotic BDSM Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 0-9774682-0-8

Reviewed by Nannette



Kara Hastings’ brother Ted stole thirty thousand dollars to gamble with from his boss Slade Westin. Kara is desperate to get her brother out of trouble and keep him out of jail so she offers Slade all the money she can scrounge together to pay half of his debt. After meeting Kara just once Slade decides he’ll not prosecute Ted if Ted gets help and Kara agrees to marry him.  Slade wants a wife and a submissive. Seeing no other choice, Kara agrees but being Slade’s submissive is going to be extremely difficult for her. Kara was brutally raped when she was seven years old and the emotional scars run deep. Slade and Kara’s unconventional marriage becomes a learning process for both of them, but if Slade pushes Kara too far he’ll lose her. Can Kara learn to trust and can Slade learn to accept that there are some things Kara has to learn on her own?

Kara often recalls the horrific events of her rape when she was just a child in His Perfect Submissive. They are vividly described and very difficult to read. Kara is incredibly strong although she thinks of herself as weak. Slade is compassionate, loving and patient with Kara. The BDSM in His Perfect Submissive is actually pretty mild. The story is more about Kara’s healing. Kara is a survivor and with Slade’s help she is finally able to find peace and pleasure in life again. I really felt that Slade was perfect for Kara in every way.  His Perfect Submissive has some very disturbing images but it’s a poignant story and has a really wonderful ending.


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