His Convenient Affair by Tricia Jones

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-542-X

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Chloe Greenwood knows without a doubt she's made a mistake.  Her bungalow by the sea means everything to her - family, belonging, home, and warmth, but in the face of financial difficulties with her business, she must sell her beloved cottage. The fact that she must sell to a development company grates on her conscience and she almost can’t go through with it.  She sells because if she wants anything at all, it's to be financially secure, but she doesn’t have to like it or the attractive and handsome man who purchased it for his company.

Nathan Fitzgerald has a rough row to hoe because it's up to him to help rejuvenate and restore his company’s former image and reputation.  In order to do this, he must obtain the land needed for a luxury hotel and marina.  It’s too bad Chloe’s cottage stands in the way, but business is business, right?  Nathan thinks so until he comes to know Chloe.

Nathan was tenacious about getting Chloe’s property.  I love how his mind changed about what was important out of life over the course of the book.  I despaired of him ever being able to tell the difference.  Chloe also had to give and take.  Most especially, she had to give up her dislike of Nathan because she's discovers there is a fine line between love and hate, and Chloe loved Nathan Fitzgerald.

His Convenient Affair was an enjoyable read.  I found Chloe somewhat attitudinal at the beginning, but after soul searching and realizing her sacrifice, I changed my opinion a bit.  Nathan I loved from the beginning.  I love nothing better for big and bad business sharks to fall overboard and in love.  Tricia Jones has penned a truly unique and entertaining read with His Convenient Affair.  I plan to read it more than once.


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