Here Kitty Kitty by Cat Marsters

Sundown, Inc.

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-59596-961-3

Reviewed by Jo



While working in Africa, Katerina (Kat) Alward was bitten by a cat, only to find when she changed that it was a were cat.  Now Kat is in New York trying to go to school while dealing with the many changes her new life as a were cat has imposed.  If this wasnít enough, Kat is going into heat.  Finlay Wolfe is helping with a sword demonstration at Katís school when he scents her and knows that he needs to meet the sexy woman who smells like a cat.  When circumstances show Wolfe that Kat is not only newly changed, but in heat, he helps her the only way possible.  However, Wolfe does not know that Nathan Riley, a were jaguar, is hunting for Kat and is more than willing to help out Kat, too.  Kat now has two men who canít stand each other say they are willing to her help.  But are they really looking out for Kat, or trying to find a way to get back at each other?

I can think of many women who would like to have been in Katís shoes while reading Here Kitty Kitty -- having two sexy and sensual men willing to have constant sex with you in your time of need. Kat is drawn to Wolfe and under normal circumstances, would never have dreamed of turning to Nathan.  Once the immediate problem is over, Kat, Wolfe, and Nathan need to discuss just what has happened and why.  While I said many women would have loved to be in Katís shoes in the beginning, I felt for all three when the entire story came out.   Many decisions are going to have to be made by everyone and they are not going to be easy.  I donít think I would suggest reading Here Kitty Kitty at work, unless you are not affected by several hot and sexy encounters. Were lovers will want to have Here Kitty Kitty in their libraries for the humor, sexy characters, and the loving plot that is only revealed at the very end.


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