Heart of a Sorceress by Sedonia Guillone

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419914447

Reviewed by Willow



Lara has had a hard life. She saw her mother raped and murdered, her father whipped and banished, and herself taken to be a bed-slave. She is rescued and returned home to her family. Soon after, her grandfather sees the mark of a sorceress on her and sends her to the sorcerer Sha’ul to make sure. Expecting to find a bent old man, Lara is surprised to find a young, handsome man and is completely mystified by her reaction to him. Sha’ul keeps his reaction to Lara hidden from her but he sees the mark of the sorceress on her and they begin her training—in magery and in love.

The Wise Ones have plans for Lara. She is the sorceress of the prophecy, the sorceress who will save the planet from destruction. When her training is complete, she is forced to begin her task—without Sha’ul.

Heart of a Sorceress is perfect for fans of erotic fantasy. It has magic, a prophesy, and plenty of sex. I’m not a huge fan of fantasy but I liked this book. Lara’s quest, and the seeming whims of the Wise Ones, take her away from her soul mate and give the reader a heartfelt adventure.  I love a story that makes me reach for the tissue or laugh out loud. And this one had its moments.


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